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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

PhD Transfer and Mulitiple Perspectives

I have just completed my transfer which marks the end of the first year of my PhD (time flies!) and outlines a programme of research for the next two years. The presentation and discussion was held in Centrespace in the VRC (beneath the DCA) which meant that I could set up the space with some props and HD projection for my visual work.

During my transfer there were some people in this space. Honest.
Both the presentation and presenter became animated at some stage.
Much of the pilot work that I've been doing this last year has been building up a body of visual material of hillforts in the area local to Dundee. The idea is to be able to return at different times of day and year, and also photograph using different aerial platforms and altitudes.

White Caterthun hillfort photographed from light aircraft
White Caterthun hillfort photographed from a kite
The intention here isn't to show that one method is better than another, or even to depict as much archaeological information as possible, but rather to layer up a general impression of the site that a visitor could relate to. The motion test below is a montage of multiple perspectives which aims to put across the three dimensional form of the site, as well as a bit of the atmosphere and relationship to the surrounding landscape.

This was produced using structure from motion photogrammetry from a number of high and low altitude aerial photographs. While at the moment these shots could perhaps have been produced in live action filming, the plan is to use this 3D environment as a vehicle to communicate archaeological interpretations to a wider audience. This test is still a bit rough around the edges, but a starting point for something which explores these perspectives in more depth.