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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Musket Fire and Ruins at Tantallon Castle

Historic Scotland recently hosted an event at Tantallon Castle that combined the current archaeological excavation work with a re-enactment of the siege by Oliver Cromwell's men in 1651. I was asked to come along to document the event with kite aerial photography and despite overcast and rather blustery weather was able to get these shots of the re-enactment in action.

Members of the excellent First Captain’s Company open fire on the public.
It's not often in recent years that smoke rises from the battlements of Tantallon.
Alongside the musket fire and cannons, less violent work was being undertaken in the archaeological trenches and 17th century crafts where on show at the encampment where the re-enactment team were based.

A tour of one of the trenches where excavations were underway.
A nice location for a campsite.
Photographing events can be challenging because there is no waiting for better weather conditions, but despite this the day was a lot of fun and with some dramatic results. The organisers, archaeologists from Historic Scotland and Kirkdale Archaeology, and the fantastic First Captain’s Company all did a fantastic job of pulling off a great event. I look forward to getting up above more special events in future!