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Monday, 2 July 2012

Glenelg Brochs

I took these photographs during a brief visit to Glenelg to add to my collection of broch references and possibly to inform a reconstruction of Jarlshof broch during it's phases of collapse. Among the best preserved examples of brochs on the mainland they are sheltered within a narrow glen, although despite this I was lucky enough to catch some good wind for kite flying.

Capturing this kite aerial photograph of Dun Telve required manoeuvring the kite line around the branches of the large tree on the left, always a frightening experience! It seems only by luck that these huge trees aren't close enough to have damaged the broch structure over time.

As the wind became more unstable I switched to pole aerial photography for this low level shot of Dun Troddan, which lies in clear line of site from Dun Telve. Here a portion of the stairway remains running between the two skins of the wall. The tall cavities supported by spreader stones are what gives these drystone towers their strength.

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