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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Evelick Hill Fort and Views Across the Tay

This kite aerial photograph was taken during a short reconnaissance trip to a prehistoric hill fort at Evelick, Tayside. The profile of the fort, which is built into a natural landform, is visible from the dual carriageway between Dundee and Perth. Venturing up onto the plateau for the first time I was met with fantastic views all around; from Schiehallion to the north-west, the Lomond hills of Fife to the south, and Dundee's bridges across the mouth of the Tay to the east.

A series of embankments encircle Evelick hill fort with Dundee behind.
The site is a fantastic example of an ancient enclosure making use of a natural vantage point and adapting existing topography into its architecture. One side takes advantage of the natural defenses of a steep drop while the other has been cut with a series of earthworks. While it is overlooked by a nearby higher summit - like many examples of this type of site - its position visually dominates the low ground below.

In this photograph I have attempted to add to the sense of scale by tying off the kite and running into the photograph (that's me in the orange jacket). This was kind of necessary (if exhausting) to add interest to an otherwise rather ambiguous feature. I am interested in in how a human presence may have an impact on photographs such as this which quickly become quite alienated from altitude. This is in part inspired by a trait repeated in the aerial photography of Yann-Arthus Bertrand, who often chooses to include a human figure in the frame.

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