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Sunday, 28 July 2013

St Andrews Cathedral, Pier and Castle from the Air

St Andrews is a favorite location for aerial photography with fantastic built heritage, geology and coastal landscape rolled together to create some striking visuals.

St Andrews pier, cathedral and castle photographed from a light aircraft
Flying over East Sands beach in a light aircraft offered this high level overview of the historic town and coastline.

The remains of St Andrews Cathedral, kite aerial photograph
This vertigo-inducing kite photograph shows what appears to be a stand-alone monument. In fact these are the remnants of a larger lost structure at St Andrews Cathedral.

St Andrews pier, Kite Aerial Photograph
The long walk to the end of St Andrews pier follows the line of natural geological features, visible at low tide.

St Andrews Castle, photographed from a light aircraft
St Andrews Castle is perched a little further along this rocky coastline. This winter shot, taken from a light aircraft, shows a web of footprints left by visitors exploring the site.

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic. Truly excellent photography. v. impressed.

    Sadly it's Laura going to Aberdeen not me...