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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Possible Project Locations

For my MSc visualisation project I aim to make short film using aerial reconstruction to tell the story of a historical site.

View Jarshof on a Larger Map

Jarshof is my first choice. The site dates from 2,500 BC and is layered with a complex chronology including Bronze Age houses, an Iron Age broch and a Viking settlement among more recent structures. The Iron age portion has been dramatically eroded by the sea and it was here where the site was uncovered after storm erosion in the late 1800s. The stories surrounding the site make it an attractive choice to base my film around.

Zoom out a little on the map and you will notice that Jarlshof lies around 300m from the end of the runway at Sumburgh Head airport, making it effectively a no fly zone for kites.

Problem. I'm pursuing the possibility of CAA permission to fly kites at the site as well a pole photography and other low level photography options. Failing this I can go for my second option:

View Gurness on a Larger Map

Gurness is a 2000 year old ruined broch village site. The exposed remains of the walls and outer ditches could be well illustrated from above.

The benefit of using broch sites is that with over 500 known sites across Scotland there is the opportunity to synthesize photographs and geometry from a complete broch to aid the re-construction of a ruined site.

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