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Friday, 7 October 2011

Tealing Earthhouse

This 2000 year old storage cellar would have been part of a larger roundhouse built above ground. Situated in Tealing just outside of Dundee it presents the same challenges for KAP and photogrammetry which I expect to face capturing other Iron Age ruins, the biggest being overhanging walls. I shot around 2000 frames this evening which I'll attempt to resolve into 3D at a later date. Details of the site here.


  1. It is amazing to imagine people bringing back to life things that no longer exist just almost by the memory of those places, and in a certain why be able to experience again the kind of environment they had..

    You are filming these places? Thought you are photographing them.

  2. This site is great as the cellar that is left outlines the edge of what would have been a huge wooden roundhouse. I'm hoping to get to the Crannog Centre this reading week where they have re-constructed a similar roof structure.

    Not much point trying to film from the kite as the motion is really erratic. I use a stills camera which is constantly taking photographs so I get all angles. In theory I can use these hi-res sequences to re-create the geometry using photogrammetry, and then project the photos onto the mesh for a detailed texture.

    The end result should be a nice smooth camera motion faked in 3D, and from there build the roof back up etc. Still testing all this stuff though!