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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Pole Aerial Photography at Ardestie Earth House

I chose this low lying site to try photographing with an eight meter pole, made with three window cleaning kits stacked together. In fact I started out with nine meters but quickly bent one of the sections by supporting it too low down. With more support a little higher up I was able to confidently position the camera above the site.

This Earth House is similar to the one which I photographed at nearby Tealing with the addition of three huts, the foundations of which remain in a row with one leading off into the curved cellar. A drain is also visible runing along the center of the earth house.

I hope that images captured in this way will be well suited for photogrammetry and will try processing this sequence at a later date. The advantages of PAP over KAP include an ease of use for capturing details, no reliance on wind conditions, and an alternative where kite flying may be impossible due to surrounding power lines, airports etc. For this reason it will be important to pursue as a backup if CAA permissions at Jarshof prove to be impossible.

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