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Friday, 18 November 2011

Tealing Souterrain & Roundhouse Interpretation

A composite showing how the wooden roundhouse may have related to the excavated cellar at Tealing. This shot is made up of photogrammetry based on KAP at both Tealing and the Scottish Crannog Centre.

This has served as an important test of principles and brought up some of the concerns I can expect to face taking photogrammetry data to a final composite. In future more of an effort will be needed to keep render time down with basic efficiencies such as combining three lights onto the channels of one layer. I think that raytracing features such as shadows and ambient occlusion will only be possible if they are baked onto the surface- which shouldn't be a problem in these static environments.

I chose to orientate the crannog roof to keep the door to the sheltered north east. On reflection it would have been better to create a new door (the existing one was exaggerated from the original data anyway) in order to keep the patches of lichen on the damp northern side.

The internal structure is deliberately revealed using 2D transitions as I felt that rising the structure in 3D would in no way represent the process by which it was built. I think I would prefer the reveal to look manipulated than be misleading.

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