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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Jarlshof Photogrammetry in Progress

With over 5,000 still photographs taken at Jarlshof just for photogrammetry, I am currently left with the task of selecting sequences which will resolve into good 3D data. I'm approaching the site one section at a time to create overlapping pieces of geometry which can be patched together later.

Above is an orthographic top-down view of a point cloud centered around the Broch and Laird's House. You can see the continuation of the curved Broch wall on the inside of the ruined house. I found the geometric precision of the circular Broch quite striking from the top-down view. Large areas of shadow, particular on the upper side of the broch, show that this section will need more photographs added for better coverage.

This geometry was a test of how sections can be aligned using tools within Meshlab, and then re-surfaced to create one piece of geometry. The coverage and precision here are fairly poor. To some extent I hope to improve upon these results through further and better photograph selection and more careful meshing. Results will be limited by the captured sequence however and already there are many lessons to be learned in terms of angle of view and density of coverage when capturing photographs.

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