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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Meshing Procedure for Jarlshof

I have been looking at ways to combine overlapping meshes which come from different sets of photographs. These sections are meshed in Meshlab from point clouds derived from Photosynth. Here is the procedure I am using, values in square brackets are aproximate may change depending on the data:

- Import Photosynth data
- Compute normals for point sets [Number of neigbors: 20]
- Surface Reconstrution: Poisson [Octree Depth: 14]
- Subdivision Surfaces: LS3 Loop [Iterations: 3]
- Subdivision Surfaces: Catmull-Clark
- Vertex Attribute Transfer: [From point set: Color, Normal, Geometry]
- Remove Duplicate Vertex
- Select Faces with edges longer than... [Edge Threshold: 0.05]

The results look something like this:

To combine two or more distinct overlapping meshes I use Meshlab's Iterative Closest Point alignment tool to find a best fit:

Once the meshes are combined the above process can be repeated to create one seamless mesh like so:

Now to repeat this process for each of the sections to try and achieve even coverage across the site. A long way still to go...

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