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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Photogrammetry tests

Some experiments with photogrammetry software using a sequence of 33 kite photographs of Callanish Standing Stones, taken back in 2007.

This is a Maya render of geometry generated by Arc3D. It took around an hour to resolve on their servers. It has missed a couple of the thinner standing stones but overall I'm impressed by the detail, particularly on the ground and the ruined burial chamber in the center.

Photosynth turned the same image sequence into this cloud of around 50,000 points. These results look more thorough but will require a tool to convert the points into a mesh for Maya.

Perhaps the best results from Autodesk Photofly with mesh generation (this one is only draft quality) and the very nice faeture that it projects the photographs onto the UV map automatically. Next to run it on a fast enough windows PC to generate a high quality mesh. These three images are Maya renders of the Photofly mesh.


  1. hello :) So after you presentation I remembered this website which i used to follow on Facebook and i think it my be useful to you, it's world documentaries but maybe there is some about nature that inspires you.